The past 4 months, I was traveling the world and working on a VR Docuseries that forever changed my life. I got the chance to meet so many strong and determined individuals around the world. These individuals shared with me their heartwarming and
inspiring origin stories - what it means to them to be a Special Olympian. In this VR series, I hope to share some of their stories. I hope hearing their stories and the trials and tribulations they faced in their lives touches your soul as much as it did to mine. Stay tuned for the next athlete of determination.

5.7K High-Resolution version in on CreatorUp YouTube: https://youtu.be/42iof55fKr8

CreatorUp Original Production
Talents: Lily Mills, Telulah Bailey (Mum), James Mott (coach)
Executive Producer / Director: Dirk Wallace
Producer: Christina Fitzpatrick, Sean Graham
Director Photography: Sebastien Hameline
DIT / Assistant Camera: Hugh Hou  
Sound / 2D Photography / BTS: Alex Tafreshi
Post Supervisor: Mark Simpson
Pipeline Supervisor: Ezra Fine
Story Editor: Shelby Baldock
Stitcher / Editor / SFX: Hugh Hou
VFX / Animation: Jonathan Winbush
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