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This 360 video RoadTrip Through the rockies was captured by 


Look around , filmed in 360 and Viewable in Virtual Reality Devices

Music by   

Kissin' Dynamite - Fireflies (2015)
Yagaloo  -      kissindynamiterocks 
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NEW ALBUM & TOUR 2016!!! 

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Money, Sex and Power: http://smarturl.it/KD_MSP_iTunes
Megalomania: http://smarturl.it/KD_M_iTunes 

Steel of Swabia CD: http://smarturl.it/KD_SOS_Amazon 
Addicted to Metal CD: http://smarturl.it/KD_ATM_Amazon 
Money, Sex and Power CD: http://smarturl.it/KD_MSP_Amazon 
Megalomania CD: http://smarturl.it/KD_M_Amazon

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