Mike Johnston
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This is a kind of vlog entry of me flying my drone. My wife and little girl are along and appear here and there. I was just experimenting as I had the LG 360 cam with me. I am a Google Trusted Photographer and Google Local Guide so I do a lot of still images in 360 degrees. I think VR can be an awesome tool for instructional videos and I want to work more in that respect.
Mr. Velva Abshire
I have damaged a few of aircrafts like this. really pity
Mack Bosco
Mack Bosco6 mons ago
I believe it is not safe to fly your drone near a power tower
Elna Gutmann
Elna Gutmann6 mons ago
haha~your little girl is curious about your drone
Mike Johnston
Mike Johnston6 mons ago
@Braxton Daniel It is designed for the camera it carries. It is a DJI Phantom 3 Professional with a 4k camera
Wellington Parker V
OMG! I could not see it when it is flying in the sky
Geovanny Schaden
It is funny! I want to have an aircraft like this
Braxton Daniel
Braxton Daniel6 mons ago
I am afraid your small aircraft can't hold the camera