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Here is the entrance to the Hedge Maze located at the rear of the castle. The maze will lead to a mysterious mountainside cave entrance. Though the Hedge maze does have various dead ends, twists, and turns, the player can keep track of there location by looking up at the moutain and trying to make their way to it.
@Francis Schuppe I have use multiple software for this project, including Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, and Reallusion's Iclone 6 with 360 rendering capabilities. I'm publishing via a third party publishing company that allows packaging to multiple markets including; IOS, Android, Samsung Gear, and is currently working on Daydream and Playstation VR.
@Dr. Luz Beier The skybox had been modified a bit since this promo. There are overlapping 360 sphere that include stars, clouds, and the sky images. On one side of the project you will see a moon behind the mountains similar to this promo, and on the opposite side a sun set. The sky dome itself does have differences in shading according to the sun and moon.
maybe change the sky box could be better
which software did you use for this 3d project?