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“Maski VR" is the first non-dialogue comedy series in the Virtual Reality Realm.
2016 marked the 25th anniversary of the television slapstick comedy series – “Maski-Show”!
To mark this significant date, AFL Productions decided to make a present to “Maski” and Virtual Reality Fans by launching a VR application for the revered comic troupe. Now, fans will be able to download all 8 episodes from the first season, 2 of which will be presented absolutely free.
The cоmic troupe “Maski” gained international acclaim from their initial appearance. Successfully traveling the world, creating a new repertoire of live performances and developing their own style of clown theater based on silent cinema, the comic troupe “Maski” didn't stop there.
The post-production design was carried out by one of the pioneers in the field of Virtual Reality, Chingis LLC.
Watched it twice. It’s too short.: )
Big funny footwear😂
He’s acting so good that It seems there is real glass wall!👍👍
I don't understand it.: ( I guess i am just not familiar with this kind of performance.
The Woody-Allen-like grandpa in the green suit is so hilarious! And the grandpa in the white suit is so cute:)