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Marshal's Music Studio in 360 Video

Pop on your VR headset and check out this 360 video of Marshal's home music studio. Have a look around at the gear used, synths like the Roland TR-8, TB-03, TR-09, JD 800, JP 8000, the Behringer DeepMind12. Spot several Moog synths like the Slim Phatty, Little Phatty, MiniMoog Model D and the Sub 37! From Korg see if you can spot the MS-20 Mini and Korg Radias! Yes, there is a DX7 tucked away at the top of the Synth Wall, your welcome and there is still plenty of room for a Behringer D and a Roland SE-02 once those arrive later this year!

Want to learn more about me? Check out my Website: http://www.marshalarnold.com
@Teresa Simmons lots of music! 😃
@Sofia Espinosa super cool, go for it!! 😁
@Наталья Елисеева well, no that is actually a green screen on that wall, just added the audio reacting graphics from Winamp so it's not just that green 😎
Is that moving nightmare wall really a part of your studio ?
great studio 😝i am having a inspiration to write a song
coool, love the shinny keyboard and all the lights, come some music now 😏