ImageworX lets you experience the history of WWII in an immersive, exciting new way.

 In this 180º 3D visual you will be a paratrooper who climbs on board of a C-47 Skytrain. Your plane will fly to the Market Garden dropzone near Wolfheeze and you will jump from the plane in an attempt to liberate Holland. This visual was especially designed for Google Cardboard: if you watch it through VR-headset (or Google Cardboard) you will be immersed in this WWII Living History setting where you will be able to look left, right up and down. 
More information about Google cardboard: https://vr.google.com/cardboard/

More information about ImageworX WWII visualization can be found here: http://www.imageworx.nl. 

A special thanks to Parachute Group Holland for their professional cooperation.

ImageworX is a professional, creative service by Marcel Bahnen. All rights reserved © 2017.
Audra Ward1 yr ago
I wonder how it feels experiencing it, I think i am just too old to do that, haha
ImageworX1 yr ago
@Precious Weber He does..... 03.50m :-)
I was expecting to see how he jumped off the plane.