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We finish the Torrent de Pareis month with our final 360º VR video from the torrent. This time, we take you up to where the rocks begin and block your way, so you can relax by a small pond before the rocks within the gorge at the Torrent de Paries, Sa Calobra, Escorca, Majorca.

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Mallorca 360 takes you to the municipality of Escorca, to Sa Calobra and the gorgeous Torrent de Pareis, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Serra de Tramuntana, its canyon walls overlooking one of its calm and beautiful ponds by the rocks, so you can relax, live, meditate, contemplate, and experience Mallorca in 360º. 

Produced by Mallorca 360 in collaboration with Franco Esteve (https://www.francoesteve.com) and Producciones Tecatas. ©2018 Mallorca 360 and partners. All rights reserved.

360º Torrent de Pareis gorge Sa Calobra Escorca 4 The Rocks in 360º VR 4K | Mallorca 360
Mallorca 3607 mons ago
@Reese Erdman Thank you for the comment. We're very happy you enjoyed the location and the relaxing quiet around it. The Torrent de Pareis is a highly frequented location, especially around the "Cloud Atlas" filming location by the sea, but as you go further in, it gets quieter. As always in Mallorca, the summer is full of people and the winter is mostly empty. But the Torrent de Pareis is always lovely, ever changing throughout the seasons and always relaxing. Thanks. Enjoy! :)
Mallorca 3607 mons ago
@Agustina Mills Thank you! We're happy you enjoyed it, and of course, we couldn't agree more. Nature is magical, and we're happy to share our little spots of magic around the island. Thanks for the comment, and don't forget to check out our other videos. :) Enjoy!
Mallorca 3607 mons ago
@Rosie Satterfield Thanks for your comment. We're really happy you enjoyed it. We try to find relaxing and beautiful places to film around the island, of which, thankfully, there are plenty. Mallorca isn't known for its inner waters, but when you find them, we agree they are magic. Don't forget to check out our other videos, and thanks again. Cheers. :)
Mallorca 3607 mons ago
@Ulises Rivera We couldn't agree more. We love the Torrent de Pareis. It really is a great place for contemplation and meditation or simply to relax out in nature. Summer can be quite crowded, especially around the "Cloud Atlas" filming location by the sea, but hike just a little bit and you'll find places like this one. :) Thanks for commenting. Don't forget to check out our other relaxing videos from here and from around the island. Cheers.
Mallorca 3607 mons ago
@Don Ferry We're very happy you enjoyed it. Because you have to hike to this spot, there's often less people here than at the "Cloud Atlas" entrance. Thank you for commenting. :) Don't forget to check out our other videos from the Torrent de Pareis and other locations throughout the island. Cheers.
Reese Erdman7 mons ago
Enjoy the rare quiet in such a place. It's really relaxing.
Agustina Mills7 mons ago
Admire the magic of nature! It can make such a beautiful landscape. Thank you for sharing. Let me see such a beautiful view.
Look at that little puddle! Like the stars are falling inside! It's really beautiful here!
Ulises Rivera7 mons ago
This is really a good place for meditation
Don Ferry7 mons ago
What a quiet little pond, which is just right for me, sitting quietly in the shade enjoying the time.