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Watch this 360º video and experience the beautiful Mediterranean sea at Font de Sa Cala beach in Capdepera, Mallorca in 360 degree VR.

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Mallorca 360 offers relaxing video and photo experiences in 360º VR. Created by locals with a love for the island and its beautiful places, Mallorca 360 lets you experience locations throughout Mallorca, where you can sit, stand, meditate, listen, and enjoy in full 360º what Mallorca has to offer. So get out your VR viewer or Google Cardboard (you can get it using the Amazon links below) with your mobile phone and live and experience Mallorca in 360º.

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Mallorca 360 takes you to the municipality of Capdepera, to Font de Sa Cala beach and its gorgeous waters and relaxing sounds of the Mediterranean sea, so you can relax, live, meditate, contemplate, and experience Mallorca in 360º. 

Produced by Mallorca 360 in collaboration with Franco Esteve (https://www.francoesteve.com) and Producciones Tecatas. ©2018 Mallorca 360 and partners. All rights reserved.

360º Font de Sa Cala Mediterranean Beach in 360º VR 4K | Mallorca 360
Mallorca 3608 mons ago
@Andromahi Kotopouli Font de Sa Cala is an area next to Cala Ratjada in the municipality of Capdepera in Mallorca. It's usually full of people, especially during the mid summer months, but it's not unbearable like other beaches in the area, where you can't even find space to put your stuff. It's always beautiful and the area is calmer. :) We're happy you enjoyed it. Don't forget to check out our other videos. :) Thanks for watching! Cheers.
Mallorca 3608 mons ago
@Oscar Jerde DDS We couldn't agree more. It's the reason millions of people visit the island every summer. The water is forever inviting with its gorgeous color and clarity. :) Thank you for the comment. We're glad you enjoyed the video. :) Keep watching and enjoy!
Where this gorgeous beach is so empty? This is so beautiful
Oscar Jerde DDS8 mons ago
This beach is really beautiful!!!The water is soooooo clean!!!I can not wait to have a holiday there!
Mallorca 3608 mons ago
@Melody Simons We're happy you liked it to much, and we obviously agree that it's breathtaking. We find so much of our island can be described that way and hope you agree when you watch some of our other videos as well. :) Thank you for watching and for your comment. :) Cheers.
Melody Simons8 mons ago
Font de Sa Cala beach in Capdepera, I bore it in mind now. That's breath-taking!
Mallorca 3608 mons ago
@Robyn Franecki Thank you for your comment Robyn. We feel the same way, and are happy you enjoyed it so much. We're lucky to be surrounded by these lovely, bright, Mediterranean colors. :) Don't forget to check out our other videos. Thanks for watching. :) Cheers.
Robyn Franecki8 mons ago
My god, this scenery can only appear in the dream, it is too beautiful.
Mallorca 3608 mons ago
@Buford Weimann Thank you and thanks for watching. :) We're very happy you enjoyed it and that it didn't disappoint. We hope you feel the same way about our other videos. ;) Keep watching and enjoying! :) Cheers.
Buford Weimann8 mons ago
The Mediterranean was really beautiful, and it didn't disappoint me at all.