I did choose for this Timelapse heavy guitar sound. Keep attention Sound makes allways 50 % of yours movie and you should spend more time on it than in the cut of yours videoclips.

In this example i move the cam with me. Normal timepapse you should not move the cam if possible because you get no stabilisation. 

To focus to the buttons we use in next videos i did not use any other #veereditor gimicks.

This closing buttons i did galvanic colored. The golden ones are 24 carate real gold. I will use them with little Swarovski cristals to give my drone a ladylike exclusive cover.

Normal this enclosure buttons are used by guitar and bass players or in cushions on boats or for diving. They are made in germany and quality is miles away from the chinese copies. The name of the cheap china copies is Tenax®.

If you like more to know why i use original German produktion ask me in discussion.
First send me a postcard to Daniela Tocan, Westenfelder Str., 44866 Bochum. What you like to learn? Inspiration how to make yours wife, girlfriend or future love happy? Something about 360 simple tricks or how to produce without a cam? Where the #VeerEditor needs urgent simple imprvement? You like to get the orginal Files to make yours first video in own work and own music. I m not the the teacher. I am the student. My husband teach me andi prouce here step by step results. Bye the way yours portraitis cloeto perect.
田紅1 yr ago
Hello, teacher! Make a friend and talk.
田紅1 yr ago
Very good.