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on 22 Dec 2014 wonosobo traditional market is on fire, which make the government create their emergecy store on the street around the market on this video you can see how the condition and situation at the emergency market   .... i upload in couple part .. this is part 1

part. 2 https://veer.tv/videos/madveture-journey-center-wonosobo-emergency-market-part-2-84767
willy ady k8 mons ago
well, its been 2 years i dont know why they keeping it this way
HORIPRA8 mons ago
What about the original one, did they rebuild it
willy ady k8 mons ago
the buyers must share the space with the bikers, and the building owners around the market is difficult to accses their home, which some of them has a business at their building such as inn, hotel, and also shop when this video is uploaded, the conditions are still the same
Pamela Dextre8 mons ago
It's safer and more convenient to have market outside on the street