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una experiencia única en el túnel de viento
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Jorge10 mons ago
The boy does not fly off because when he stands he offers less resistance to the wind, when he puts the air down he pushes him on the whole body surface and that's why he rises. Also the operator that controls the fan gives you the most power when the monitor tells you. I recommend you try it @Ahmad Corkery 😉
Jorge10 mons ago
El chico no sale volando porque al estar de pie ofrece menos resistencia al viento, cuando se pone tumbado el aire le empuja y le levanta. También el operario que controla el ventilador le la más potencia cunado el monitor le indica.
Ahmad Corkery10 mons ago
Why doesn't the guy in the black suit get blown up? To be honest, I also want to try this activity.