Although Iitate-mura did not receive the benefit from the nuclear power plant, the whole village was polluted by the direction of the wind that blew the following day of the accident of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
All the villages were forced to evacuate, and six years have passed.
In spring, 2017, we made this movie to show the present scenery of Iitatemura to villagers (to children inparticular) who cannot return to the village, even if they want to.
A nuclear bomb is a terrible thing. A nuclear leak has forced people to move away from their homes and never return.
Daniela Tocan11 mons ago
my husband was as radiology expert with doctors without borders in Fukushima. but just some weeks He was involved in European program of the mammographia screening. The data after Ukrain desaster are signifikant different to see in Iasi aerea and Chișinău where radioactive fallout came down. And a big surprize similar data have only Austria.