Ready to take the plunge?
The MACSF invites you to experience the same feeling that future health professionals experience when embarking on professional life: it's stressful, impressive ... but especially wildly exciting. Experience a true immersive experience by making a free fall jump in 360 ° virtual reality at over 4000m altitude and 200km / h.

You will be accompanied by experienced jumpers like Emmanuelle Droneau, European Champion and Team Champion in Vertical Free Vertical Flight in 2015, a dental surgeon insured at MACSF. Also by your side, Julien Favier, State diploma and instructor at Savoie Parachutisme, which totals 8,000 jumps, Yan Cavé BPJEP monitor with 5,000 jumps, Thibaud Lachanal BPJEP monitor with 3,000 jumps, Eulalie Launay BPJEP instructor with 3,000 jumps and Gael Hazel with 500 jumps.

To learn more about MACSF:
- Join the MACSF "Healthy Students" Facebook Community: https: //www.facebook.com/students ...
- Discover our offers dedicated to future health professionals: http://www.demarrermaviepro.fr
- Challenge your friends to the game "Le Grand Saut": https://www.macsf-legrandsaut.fr
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