A team of explorers, scientists and artists are getting prepared to travel to Mars. [M.A.A.R.S.] Mars Atacama Analog Research and Simulation is one step towards this quest.

MAARS - Mars Atacama Analog Research and Simulation 7 people 2 cars [riding the Atacama desert] - the driest non-polar desert in the world - 600 km strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and Andes - Extreme day/night temperatures (-5 to 40 deg C)  mountains - 105000 KM2 [climbing the Ojos Del Salado] - the world's highest active volcano - 6900 meters high in the Andes Mountains Millions kms from Mars  The team will be exploring and conduct experiences in the Atacama Desert of Chile and the Ojos Del Salado moutains as an analog to past and present-day Mars. 

Ulyana Horodyskyj is  a scientist, adventurer and entrepreneur based in Boulder, Colorado, USA. She traveled to and worked on the 7 continents, pursing field science in extreme locations. Following completion of a PhD in May 2015, She launched her own company called Science in the Wild.  http://scienceinthewild.com 

Benjamin Pothier is a French Director and Artist-researcher. PhD research in Arts/Anthropology/Architecture at the Planetary Collegium, CAIIA hub of Plymouth University (UK). He has presented his work and research internationally. He is also an Expert in the use of new technologies. http://acexpeditions.tumblr.com/  

HERVE is communication agency specialized in Virtual Reality projects. www.herve.io 
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