This video was just a render test and our first time working with 360 recording, we wanted to see how the PC holds up with multiply characters performing actions at the same time. Plus we had the Thriller motion so wanted to see a bunch of our guys dancing in sync. Kinda happy how it turned out seeing as it really only a render test :)

Most features are missing or unfinished. Thank you for following the development of Love Sucks, we hope you enjoyed this weeks video. If you could leave us any feedback in the comments that would be great as it helps us to improve as content creators, also if you have any criticism we would appreciate if you would make it constructive. If you did enjoyed this video then please remember to hit that 👍 button and if you're new here don't forget to subscribe and click the 🔔 as it helps to keep you up to date with our progress ✌

LS Characters:
Blake, Brandon, Marcos, Freddie & Justin

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