Save your air fare and visit London's most famous sites in virtual 360.
Start at Buckingham Palace, followed by Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, The Mall (look out for the little boy in a blue jacket who falls over), then end your tour in Leicester Square with Nelson's Column and The National Gallery! 
You can view these landmarks in full 360 using a headset or the cursor controls. 
For 360 stock library footage or 360 film services in London contact us: http://www.liquidproductions.co.uk/portfolio/360-vr-video
Joy Tang1 yr ago
@Sascha Endlicher, M.A. I saw on your Facebook timeline that you and your family were in London! It's a family trip! How sweet :D
London is very hard to cover in 360, because there are always tons of people anywhere you go, it often rains or gets foggy and you can rarely place a tripod or lightstand anywhere without risking it to be run over. #IWasHere this spring, because I wanted to see the city before #Brexit actually happened and I ended up taking mainly dynamic shots with the SailVIdeoSystem solution and a telescope stick. Great job on covering the must see spots of this beautiful city.
Liquona1 yr ago
Well done @Ambar Medina - the first person to spot the poor little dude!
Ambar Medina1 yr ago
the boy in blue is cute! he fell over and it is amusing