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Finished modeling one of the locations for my "anime teaser", now i should start painting over those 3D backgrounds smiley
For more info about my anime please follow the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8QnV6w7DkrEJqBd8cxEWzg
alex voronov8 mons ago
I remember that day I went to seeing my friend off, he was going to search for job in a bigger city. We all knew it would be a very tough period for him, but there was no way to refuse this opportunity.
Nellie Cales8 mons ago
@Ibrahim Abdo Hahaha, you are welcome.
Ibrahim Abdo8 mons ago
@Nellie Cales exactly :) you got the same feeling that i intended to add, thx
Nellie Cales8 mons ago
It is like I am going to see someone off. The music is not too happy and not too sad, just like my feelings right now, I want to be happy but I can't, however, I am not sad.