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Phil Reese - "Just Like That" - Live Version - 360 Video

Live Home Recording Studio Video at 
Digital Viking Studios - 7-29-2016

Phil Reese - Vocals, Moog, Bass
Adam Pelletier (Apel Beats) - Ableton, Guitar
Julian Sciolla - Drums
Bob Greel - Percussion
David Young - 360 Video


I don’t deserve to claim I've grown
Until I treat the friends that I have better
I’ll take the time, and that’s a fact
I find more of me around them
Just like that

I don’t prefer to be alone
But I can’t seem to treat my lover better
I'll think I'm fine, until I look back
There must be a way around this
Just like that

If I preserve my inborn goal
Free to dream, yet still maintain my loved ones pleasure
Then I’ll define my final act
I must finally have found it
Just like that

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Digital Viking Studios

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360 Video by Hyperactive

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Thank you for all the kind words and views!
Annie Block5 mons ago
you are a talented person! you sing, play the guitar, play the piano....
Dr. Major Huels5 mons ago
The atmosphere in the studio is fine!
Malcolm Koch5 mons ago
I want to be the man in black, sitting in the sofa, listening to music
退休小青年5 mons ago
big studio
Rosemary Murray6 mons ago
The studio was like this