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KHC Adult Hockey Training Program is perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced hockey players. As Canadians, hockey is part of our heritage. It is the fastest and most exciting sport in the world. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, many do not have the opportunity to play as children or have lost touch with the sport growing up. Do not let your age stop you from playing, if you are in good health or trying to loose a few pounds, you can play hockey. 

KHC Adult Hockey Training Program encourages adults to try playing hockey. We provide a fun, safe and healthly alternative to high pressure camps and expensive late night mens leagues. KHC Adult Hockey Training Program was designed specifically for the needs of adult hockey players. If you have never played before, recently started playing again, or just want to improve your game and fitness,  KHC Adult Hockey Training Program creates a fun and encouraging environment for you to reach your hockey goals.  Improve your skills, get in shape, develop confidence.  Sharpen your skates, Gear up, & See you on the ice!

KHC | Hockey Specialist