I've been experimenting with with new 360 video malarky using my game development skills! Now you can feel like your underneath the sea with my little robot friend. I hope you like it down there!
Watch the original 360 video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV_oGLbpuQg

I created this scene using 3D modelling and texturing in maya and then did a whole bunch of stuff to finally make this wonderful 'VR' experience that I definitely want to play around with more. So shake your phones and zoom around the screen while listening to my little song about how this unfortunate robot ended up sunken underneath the sea!

How I created this 360 video: http://www.yasminc.co.uk/2015/12/17/creating-a-360-interactive-music-video-for-youtube/

The full song: https://soundcloud.com/yasmin-curren/little-robot-original-song-360-music-video

He’s just a little robot
sunken underneath the sea
all he wanted was adventure
but it wasn’t meant to be

he’s just a little robot
waved off friends and family
and sailed off into the distance
and yelled finally I’m free

Cus in this little robots mind
he had so much more to find
than those that he waved behind
and he can’t wait to see the sights

but then this little robot came
across a land that wasn’t claimed
beauty lining every lane
excitement he could not contain

Little robot sailed that way
for a week and half a day
the skies had become oh so grey
but he still seemed so far away

Little robot don’t you know
the price you pay when you just go
and chase your dreams go with the flow
but its an urge you can’t control

Little robot wipe your tears,
the waters caged you up for years
it floods you now as you stand here
paralysed by thoughts of cheer

on that island where you live your life
one dog one kid one perfect wife
but when will you just realise

That island’s made up of your fears
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