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Ryan Hickey and Cobey Williamson of @microshiner (http://www.microshiner.com/) discuss what makes a handcrafted spirit and whether that even matters in the first place in this episode of Life, Distilled - shot in 360 video!

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MicroShiner is your guide to the world of craft spirits and the small batch lifestyle.

In this episode, we talk about the rise of Tito’s Vodka, one of the original micro-distilleries, and whether or not the marketplace needs transparency in labeling. We also discuss the latest efforts from the Brewers’ Association to create a separate identity for independent beer producers and how that fits 
into our vision of the small batch lifestyle.

We want to thank Gracie from Montgomery Distillery for so graciously crafting and introducing this week’s cocktails, the house Bloody Mary with Quicksilver Vodka and the Ace & Gary with Skadi Aquavit.

Some of the things mentioned in the show:

Chuck Cowdery’s piece on Tito’s (and really all) craft vodka: http://chuckcowdery.blogspot.com/2017...

Independent Craft Brewer Seal: https://www.brewersassociation.org/bu...

Pact Organic Cotton: https://wearpact.com/

Article on consumerism from Ali El Idrissi: https://shift.newco.co/our-consumptio...

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The music we open with is from Danny Janklow, off his debut album Elevation - http://dannyjanklow.com/
MicroShiner11 mons ago
Hi @Berneice Bergstrom - we're in a back room at Montgomery Distillery in Missoula, Montana. They donate the space to us to do the webcast. The owner and staff at Montgomery are really into motorcycles. Check out our interview with owner Ryan Montgomery coming soon!
MicroShiner11 mons ago
Right @Cloyd McGlynn II?!? They were delicious. Check out our other videos for more of the same!
MicroShiner11 mons ago
Cool @Raymond Erdman, we're all about good company!
MicroShiner11 mons ago
Hey @Tatum Treutel - no, this is the motorcycle garage at Montgomery Distillery. It is where we film the webcast, but we don't work there.
Raymond Erdman11 mons ago
I have a friend who has this beard like you and seeing you reminded me of him.
Kaley Hoeger11 mons ago
What is the woman
Cloyd McGlynn II11 mons ago
Can I have a drink? Because these two drinks look so good to drink.
Where are u to shoot this video? A garage?
Roberta Kessler11 mons ago
Very fun
Audrey Hermiston11 mons ago
Your beard is long