Set your YouTube resolution to 1440....
First let me say that I HATE seeing reviews of anything where the product in not used in a real situation where it is intended to BE used. When I do a review, it is because I have used the product in a real world situation that applies to me in the same rough way I use all my equipment - not "gently used" at all. The LG records in 1440 and the Samsung in 4K. So, I dropped the Samsung in post to 1440, made the color match and went between the two. Going down Old Topanga, I used the Samsung since I do have that descent with the LG in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jxp3m6RveIU&t=160s 
This technology at this consumer level and price point is new and as time goes by, it will all get better. Please, let me know what you think - which one do you think looks better?

Thank you so much you watching what I love to doing! 
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