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In February of 2017 I purchased a new Pleasure Way Ascent in Quebec Canada. Now a year later it's time for me to reflect back on how I feel about this purchase. Do I feel I made the right decision? Would I do it again? What things do I still love about it and what things drive me crazy? I answer these questions and more in this 360 degree video.

The short answer to the question: Would I buy this campervan again is: Yes! The van has met or exceeded the criteria I used for buying it: First, it is built on the shorter wheel based Mercedes Sprinter van. The 144 inch wheelbase means this little van can park anywhere a car can park. At 19 feet 6 inches long, it fits in a standard parking space. This means I can use the van as my second car and never have to worry about finding parking. It also means I can park it in my driveway and not have to spend hundreds of dollars a month storing it. 

Second, the ride quality in the back of shorter vans is superior to the ride quality of many of the longer wheel-based campervans. There can be a lot of bounce in the rear in vans over 20 feet. Some longer wheel-based van manufacturers add upgraded suspensions in order to smooth out the right. Not needed with shorter vans. Riding in the back of this van is just like riding in the back of a car: smooth, quiet and comfortable.

Third: It's the little things. When looking at campervans think about and look for the things that may bother you in the long run. Are the ottoman cushions going to fly about in the back because they aren't latched down? Are cabinets doors and drawers going to fly open because they don't have positive latching systems? Will you bump your head on an overhead cabinet coming and going from the cab? These small details can add up to either a superior or inferior roadtrip experience. Look for them when you tour a campervan. I'm happy to report that the Ascent doesn't suffer from these shortcomings. 

There are however some areas for improvement: First, the MCD shades while great suffer from an interior and cheap way to keep them snug to the sides of the van. Pleasureway has opted to use velco. The velcro strips glued to the bottoms of the shades peel off but worse, the black tabs they've put on the sides of the van onto which the shades attach are hard and will scrap your hands if you accidently brush past them. 

Second, the lounge table in the back has no proper place to stow it. While other vans costing tens of thousands of dollars less than the Ascent manage to find proper storage for the table top and legs, not so in the Ascent. Also,. I'd expect the table top to be Corian or a higher grade material than the laminate currently used. Airstream uses Corian for their tabletop. 

Finally, the rearward flip up counter extension for the galley is nearly unusable because it is blocked by the back cushion of the ottoman. It is clumsy and difficult to move the back of the ottoman cushion to allow the counter top to flip up. I new design needs to be considered by Pleasureway.

These are minor issues which hopefully Pleasureway addresses in future models. They would not stop me from buying this little van again. The overall design and quality is top notch and there are features which I simply love and couldn't live without: The panoramic windows in the lounge; the galley when the slider is open; the exceptionally safe and comfortable driving experience. For these reasons and more I definitely recommend the Pleasureway Ascent for buyers looking for a quality and stylish campervan that can be used as a daily driver.
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