'Old Guy' is an original piece by storyteller Lee Boek of Public Works Improvisational Theatre. This short performance was shot in a beautiful garden in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

Public Works Improvisational Theatre

Filmed in 4k 360 Video by Brad Wallace.

'Old Guy'
by Lee Boek

Let’s do ourselves in
I’m talking mass suicide
Let’s just kill ourselves
By shooting lots of rockets at each other

Allow the nukes to leak
Let’s frack and drill til there’s no more thrill
Let’s just throw it all away and do ourselves in

Cool aid, cool aid, we could get cool aid
That might help.

The preacher said, “I know heaven’s my home. I just ain’t homesick.
The doctor said, “Lee, you dodged the bullet."
I said, “Hey, you gotta have heart, miles and miles of heart.”

Bump bump, bump bump, bump bump….
This little ticker bump,bump bump bump,
Has  been ticking
Bump, bump, bump, bump for 74 years, bump bump, bump bump,  Without missin’ a lick, bump, bump, bump, bump, bumpitty bump, blippity blip, flippity flip, blippity blop….

ooooh, ….I don’t know what to think, could this be the end of the Plink, plink, plink, plink, plink, plink, the blip, blip, blip, blip, blip,  blop? The flip,flip,flip, flip,flip flop.

Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump……It’s sill tickin’.
Someday it won’t go and I will,

‘Cause, once we were the older guys
Full of vim and vigor
Everything about our lives
Got bigger and bigger
Even parts don’t work well now,
Worked quite well then
Lot’s of muscle, lots of tone
Where has all that…….gone?
Old Guy
Best not to think of yourself as an Old Guy
Best just to be
An Old Guy

When my grandmother was 96 she said,
“Lee, when you look at me, you see a little old lady.
But when I look at you, I’m still looking with the same young eyes I’ve always had."
"Grandmother", says I, "I’m going to remember you said that."
asimbhatti 2 yrs ago
hi dear how are u
@小雅子儿 I know. his garden is wonderful!
小雅子儿2 yrs ago
love how green it is! Makes me really want see the is this garden myself~
我来一针2 yrs ago
my grandfather goes exercise at once after seeing this video. He thinks you are so energetic!😊