'Closet Nazi' is an original piece by storyteller Lee Boek of Public Works Improvisational Theatre. This short piece was shot in a beautiful garden in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

By the way, Lee is NOT a Nazi! This is just a story about one.

This is an immersive video where you can stand right in front of Lee Boek in this gorgeous garden!

The song and story came out of workshops that Public Works Improvisational Theater did with the residents of Sunset Hall, a lovely home for aging radicals; commies, socialists, fellow travelers, nudists and vegetarians. It was started by the Unitarian Church on 8th St. in Los Angeles in the late 80's around the time of Gorbachev and Reagan and their summit meeting. A time of re-examination and an "end of the Cold War" and the demise of the old Soviet Union as we had known it.

Public Works Improvisational Theatre

Filmed in 4k 360 Video by Brad Wallace.

by Marlene Rasnick and Lee Boek

My father was a closet Nazi
My mother did not see...Nazi...Nazi
My sister she saw, she saw, she saw
My sister was a premature  anti-Facist
And...I became the leader of the Yiddish Choir
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