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Lake Vidraru is an artificial lake in Romania. A village lies submerged at the bottom of this lake. 
Here's a non 360 video of the lake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2t3BNmc7Ao
The lake has 465 million cubic metres of water, with a length of 10.3 km and a width of 2.2 km, thus accumulating a total area of 870 hectares and maximum depth of 155 meters.
Cucos Sorin4 mons ago
The government moved the villagers, relocated even the cemetery before flooding the area. It took a year for the lake to fill. We're talking about the communist government.
Sandy Goldner4 mons ago
My God, this man-made lake is so beautiful that we can create such a landscape. But why to drown the whole village?