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We are peeking in La Madeleine church in Paris, build by Napoleon in 1807. If you like to see properly inside the church you can become a Patron on Patreon and you will get a link to see a walk from the altar.
Beader10 hrs ago
I’ve seen this before but I must remark amongst all the beauty in the church the floor is among one of the tops.
Armand Terry IV4 mons ago
It's really a surprise. I fell in love with the church the first time I saw it.
There is also a building being built on the back of the church. Well, it is like modern life permeating the building.
I once saw a story that once happened in the book. I saw the real picture today. This feeling is really amazing.
Oh! I know this place! I love the statue of the blessed virgin here! I must go and have a look if I have a chance!
Cheyenne Veum4 mons ago
Looking down into the sky, the roof of the building and the clouds of the sky merge into a magnificent landscape. Soooo beautiful.