https://soundcloud.com/watts_happening A MAN WALKED UP TO AN L E Phant HE SAW HE HAD TURNED PINK? the man said to THE PINK ONE, HOW And why HAZ youz turned PINK?THE L E Phant SIMPLY EXPLAINED, YOU SEE THAT IN THE OLDENY TIMES PEOPLE USED TO GET INTOXICATED AND USE MEANS OF LIQUDS AND OTHER items to EXPERIENCE FEELING. THIS WAS A STRANGE IDEA TO THIS ONE AS HE FELT THAT IT WAS BETTER TO SEE HOW HE FELT AND SOUND HOW HE FEELED RATHER THAN CONSUME THAT OF THE WORLD AROUND HIM. HE WANTED TO PRODUCE. THIS MADE THE L E Phant very happy to hear. HE THen LEand over and Put a TUSk on the Mans Shoulder. and said.....please take my elephants down from your video for they are not yours. AHHH But that Man says, I want to claim that I did not make you elephants, for you were a part of my child hood. AND I WANT TO HONOR YOUR EXISTENCE IN ITS ABsurdity.THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING TO ACKNOWLEDGE (WATTS. HAPPENING) https://soundcloud.com/watts_happening
I don't know what happened, everything in video was so interesting.
Thank you both very much for the positive feedback! It means the world to me! I actually built both the video and the music together at the same time so I’m glad their unity is conveyed in the experience. My process is essentially just going back and forth between the programs to try and build both audio and visuals at the same time while both the visuals and the audio build off of each other. I used Reason 10 and Adobe premier’s and after effects new 360 editing capabilities. I just ordered my first 360 camera, as I hope to livestream and share my workflow and make a lot more of these as they are very fun to make.
This video matches the background music perfectly.This is a virtual space and time
The increasing intensity of music makes me feel more and more excited. thumb up for ur music.