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Nanzen-Ji,also called Zuiryusan,is one of the most well-known Rinzai Zen temples in Japan.
 Emperor Kameyama loved this beautiful place so much that in 1264 he built his detached palace here.
 Later he became a student of the Zen Master Busshin Daimin Kokushi,and he dedicated the palace as a Zen temple in 1291.
 A characteristic of the history of this temple is that its abbot was always chosen as the best Rinzai Zen Master in each period.
 As Nanzenji was above the Go-San SyStem,its influence on Japanese culture Was indeed great.

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Kyoto Vlog3 wks ago
@Candace Daugherty IV It is very mysterious and difficult to display. http://www.nanzen.net/english/
Why didn't I find the window, so the light in the room would be weak? And BTW, the temple is like a big garden.