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Kryoneri Observatory (established in 1972) is located in the district of Corinth in the northern Peloponnese at the top of mount Kyllini, at an altitude of 930m, close to Kryoneri village. It is equipped with a 1.2 m Cassegrain reflector telescope manufactured and installed in 1975 by the British company Grubb Parsons Co., Newcastle. It is one of the largest telescopes in Greece, with many successful scientific observations during its long operation (scientific observations started in 1975). In 2016, the telescope was upgraded in the framework of the ESA program NELIOTA, to monitor the lunar surface for impacts of near-earth objects.
luigi acampora9 mons ago
It's amazing how big an instrument is to look at the universe.
oscar garcia9 mons ago
@Glenn Owen Because you can see more beautiful scenery
Tesske10 mons ago
I can't imagine building such a high-tech product in 1975.
Glenn Owen10 mons ago
To be honest, why should we observe space? Our own sky is already beautiful.
This observatory is spectacular! I like it.