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A short clip of an early evening lowlight scooter ride through the citycenter of Arnhem. The stony pedestrian area was quite wobbly, so I stabilised and denoised the clip in PowerDirector.

Of course, Tongueless Takkie is enjoying every minute again, riding in the front seat. :D

The music is mine, production and vocals, all created in FL Studio 12.
@Mazhar Chaudhary Thanks! :) No, he's not frightened, he loves it! Takkie is very a-typical in his own way. For instance, around midnight at december 31st, newyears eve, we usually take a walk outside together. All the fireworks around him don't interest him a all, he just goes sniffing and digging like any other day.
@Georgie Mcwilliams Yes, I think he has the most fun! To him it's almost like flying, when he looks out front there's nothing else in his sight :)
You guys are si adorable!!! Won't Takkie get any frighten when you driving on such wobble road?
Love your video! That POV from the doggie is a lot of fun.
@xsdmke cmf The music is my own as well by the way :) Vocals and composition, the whole production :)
@xsdmke cmf Thanks, yes you get a good feel of this city here I guess :) More to come :)
xsdmke cmf8 mons ago
Great experience of this city,veer-editor can be better choice.