KITCHENS 360° _ SIEMENS Multi-channal Immersive VR Platform

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The project “Kitchens 360” arises from the research to create innovative solutions that allows the public to discover the Siemens built-in product range shown in real environments, without limits given neither by space nor by time and giving the users an unique, addictive and immersive experience.

So in 2016 Siemens entrusted AXIS communications Srl with the creation of an immersive VR platform thanks to which the choice of individual home appliances evolved into a futuristic experience completely believable.

The platform permits to explore 4 different types of kitchen-environments created ad hoc in collaboration with Loop-Design, giving access to information of each presented product, experiencing the “Perfect built in Siemens”, or rather the multiple possibilities of combinations that could not be realized in a real showroom.

The project is organized on 3 levels:

The project is presented online in the form of a dedicated website giving the user the possibility to explore the virtual kitchens of Siemens from their own PC or by using a VR headset.

Over the course of 2017 Siemens will distribute a luxory pop displays to the italian kitchen retails network to propose to the public the range of “Perfect built in products” using personalized cardboards.

During the main fairs and events Siemens equipped VR dedicated areas where the visitor can experience a particularly immersive and engaging offline version of the VR application.

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Project & Development by
AXIS communications (Milan/Italy)