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Shot in Cinematic VR format, "Kidnapped" is an interactive 360 / 3D immersive experience that will transport the viewer to the haunting world of kidnapping, turning him/her into a kidnapping victim for 10 minutes. This short film tells the story of a person who, after being kidnapped by an insurgent group, is held captive in the jungles of Colombia and chained from his neck to a tree for over 11 years. ---- Co-produced between Explora Films and Signal Space Lab. Special thanks to ProImágenes Colombia and the Canada Media Fund (CMF).
@Someone Thanks for your comment.
@Dyllon Pimentel Thanks for your question. We used a real deactivated gun.
NOVACSKILL5 mons ago
Video's birdsong is so cheerful, but they don't know what's going on in the forest.
Dyllon Pimentel5 mons ago
Is this a real gun? Or just a toy gun that looks like it.
Someone5 mons ago
You should keep them in a closed place, a place that no one else can find.
Paige Vampire5 mons ago
Why do you choose this address, you have to spend a lot of time transporting them here.