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In march, while on holiday in Florida, we went to the Keys and booked a jetski tour in Keywest.
I put my GoPro Fusion on my head and let it film the whole thing.
Sorry for my fluffy head in the picture :D
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Thank You for watching!
Soledad Sipes6 mons ago
that's awesome.not just the jetski,but also you guild
@Yves Ielegems This is also my idea, making efforts to earn money and then enjoy it. This is the life we deserve.
Yves Ielegems6 mons ago
@Graciela Kertzmann You know, i work very hard during the year so i like to spend some money on my holidays. And making video’s and photo’s is my hobby. Combining this with my holidays is fun and i just want to share that with other people. And you don’t have to envy me only because of what you see in my video’s. It’s just a small fraction of my life and i’m very thankfull for it.
Alas, envy your holiday life, but have you found that every holiday will spend a lot of waste of money, just because you want to try, although some are not interested in but not done.
Buhaochi6 mons ago