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This is a 360 video showcasing Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's A Capella group That's the Key. The video was filmed in iconic Cal Poly SLO locations, including Architecture Graveyard, the Cal Poly SLO Library, and Baker Science Center. A Capella is a really unique visual representation of music, and I thought that it would naturally apply to 360 video. I personally love the passion and joy that comes through in a A Capella performance, and I think that I was able to capture this spirit in this video. 
Lizzie1 mon ago
The a cappella and editing on this video are incredible! I loved watching a cappella performances when I was in college. I’d love to collaborate and connect if you’re in the California/SoCal area. Let me know if you’re interested :)
Peter Gislason5 mons ago
your voice alone is perfect, i really enjoy this
Go360inc7 mons ago
How so cool such a great idea handsome voices great job on the edit congrats to you all. Next video cant wait. :)
Blanca Walker8 mons ago
A bunch of young kids, you're really talented.
Willa Herman8 mons ago
See, a person's mouth is the best instrument and can make the most special sound.
This group of young friends, you have a bright future.
Shari Brown8 mons ago
You are really a great team and you work well together.
Ashleigh Sercu8 mons ago
It's incredible. You made all the noise yourself. You are better than any other band.