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Season 1 Episode 1 showcases Meg Girard and her amazing jewelry design skills. Join us in her shop as she walks us through her life as a designer!

IG: @meg_girard

Music: www.JBIVBeats.com

Keeping it Real” with Elliott
Here is one for the thinkers and for the closed minded, the innovators and for the ones running in place, the ones with motivation and the ones who just decided to settle. Come with us as we set out and catch up people who at the end of the day know what they are all about. Not all of us share the same opinion but in life we will undoubtedly share the same experiences and on this journey we are going to dive deeper into these situations that all of us will encounter. Finding the elements that bring us together and also what drives us apart. Real people, real struggles, real success.

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Artist Life Vision VR Team
Perry Thiel6 mons ago
I've also photographed this subclass driving video, and it's really cool. By the way, designer tattoos are really cool.