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Come and explore Wisconsin's most haunted INN  
 The Historic Karsten Inn AKA (Kewaunee Inn) 23 room, historical Victorian/Arts and Crafts, 1912 brick hotel.

Haunted by 3 ghosts 

	1. Billy Karsten III 
	Described as being friendly, gregarious and gentle; not shy at all with the living.
	The entity of young Billy still does what he liked to do while alive,
	 and is still a very energetic five year old: outgoing and gregarious.
	Runs up and down the wide hallways.
	Plays in the basement.
	Plays with living children on the 2nd floor.

	2. William Karsten, Senior:
	Described as being friendly and gentle, but does get upset once in a while.
	When angry, frustrated, annoyed, he will physically
	 move his furniture around the room, when the living are not there.
	When upset, he will create a sour smell in his room.
	3. Agatha:
	It is not surprising that Agatha is the most active entity. 
	Agatha shows a variety of emotions and behaviors, 
	ranging from being helpful to being mischievous with guests and staff. 
	She has been described as being very opinionated, and not afraid.
	She has been known to show dissatisfaction 
	with decisions made by past owners and staff; even 
	been a little nasty on one 
	occasion. In a fit of temper, on one occasion 
	From and more info on it <http://www.hauntedhouses.com/states/wi/karsten_inn.htm> 
	Kewaunee Inn
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