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Dawei singing an iconic Chinese song in one of these mini karaoke booths that are ubiquitous in Chinese malls 🎤
Buford Weimann7 mons ago
Ha ha ha, mini training hall, I think everyone here has a good singing voice.
Daniela Tocan7 mons ago
caraoke is popular in asia. i know. in europe is not so popular. Unless i have in youtube a nice follower from nashville usa. He gots just comment if i realy did grill my 360 with 200°C/398°F in the oven. Yes i did. Hopefully this guy joins the travel Europe, because is a phantastic live singer. And if someone of the guests have a 360 able for live streams we can daily livestream to youtube. Veer still not have this feature.
Carol Yin7 mons ago
@Sascha Endlicher, M.A. Indeed! I'll tell Dawei you said that too, he'll be very happy to hear it! :)
I did not understand a word, but it sounds like a lot of heart and love went into this song!