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Continuing my look at Immersive 360 cameras at NAB 2018 the next camera is the Kandao Qoocam. This breakthrough product is not only at 360 cameras, but a 180 3D stereo camera, all packed into one.
The Qoocam pronounced Koo-Cam, can swivel from a straight up and down 360 cameras two and "L" shaped 180 3D cameras.
By using Depth Mapping, you will be able to choose your focus point for both video and stills. Also, you will be able to completely change your background.
All that for about $400.
Check out the video for more info.
Adell Davis7 mons ago
Have to sigh, nowadays really is the world of technology.
Jadyn Bauch7 mons ago
I want to try all of these devices
Ned Blanda7 mons ago
fancy, i will take them all, big fan of camera