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Timelapse of driving on Kanan Dume RD in from Agoura Hills to the Pacific Coast Highway. You get three tunnels and lots of scenery. It's pretty short and without a lot of the turns found on other canyon roads. If you are on PCH and looking for a mountain excursion this is a good choice. It crosses Mulholland Highway (related but different than the drive)
I shot this with the Xiaomi Mi Sphere. It records at 3.5K but I upscaled to 4k in Premiere and used some of the new immersive controls to adjust for some of the camera movement. Plan on doing a series of these roads. Some in 360 and some not.
 I have footage from Las Virgenes and PCH between the Kanan and Las Virgenes. 

The music is from Filmstro
Maymie Erdman10 mons ago
@Floy Cassin Hahahahah, u think too much bro. Just take it easy.
Floy Cassin11 mons ago
Everytime when I drive through a tunnel, I always think maybe there is a monster who lives inside the mountain and it will show up at once.
Rosie Rosenbaum11 mons ago
@Sabrina Torphy Of course you have lost a lot of wonderful experience, you should learn to drive.
Sabrina Torphy11 mons ago
Can u believe that I still dont know how to drive. I think I lost so many good experiences about driving.
Dewitt Bayer11 mons ago
So blue sky that gives me the biggest peace I want. Thanks for showing.
Derrick Prosacco11 mons ago
Your speed is pretty fast.