Kamikochi is a scenic spot on the border of Gifu Prefecture in Nagano Prefecture (Matsumoto City). It is located in the southern part of Japan's Northern Alps, and its elevation is about 1500m. It features a flat terrain that extends approximately 10 km around and approximately 1 km wide. It is relatively new that the topography of the Kamikochi was created. The Azusa River was stopped by the great eruption of Yakedake in 1915, and a Taisho pond was formed, and it is the topography created by the accumulation of earth and sand there. 

Nevertheless, by being located at the boundary of vegetation at an altitude of around 1500m, it has rich vegetation, spreads wetlands, and so on. This is the reason that Kamikochi is a popular place for many Japanese and traveler that comes from over the world.

In general, Kamikochi has a strong image of beautiful green scenery in summer, but you can enjoy the experience of winter. We were really moved by this snow world. There were few people in Winter as if it was reserved.
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