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Jordan Lake State Recreation Area is a collective of nine access areas scattered around the shoreline of this undeveloped, 14,000-acre reservoir. More than 1,000 campsites among five of the access areas offer a range of outdoor experience from RV hookups to primitive tent camping and group camps. There are seven swim beaches in the recreation area and a number of boating ramps, with some swim areas and ramps reserved for campers. Nearly 14 miles of hiking trails wind across the hilly lakeshore, with most of them offering easy, brief hikes perfect for family outings. Spotting bald eagles and osprey is just one of many opportunities to view wildlife, and the lake’s ecology is further explored in the visitor center exhibit hall.
Elinor Corwin11 mons ago
This is just an ordinary forest, I dont know how you will have so many thoughts.
Vince Emard11 mons ago
Hahahha, hey hey hey I found a deep talk here. @Gennaro Stiedemann
@Cesar Paucek You are very sentimental, but you have to know that the leaves fall and give the trees nutrients to grow better. It is a good thing.
Cesar Paucek11 mons ago
Leaves are falling down, I know it is an inevitable procedure, but I feel sad when I see this.
Jimmie Cremin11 mons ago
The scenery is beautiful