Len Edgerly
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Our friends Gary and Sue Berchenbriter hosted a garden concert in their backyard last night in Casper, Wyoming. This is a thing in Casper, and a wonderful one. The music was provided by Jeff Finlin ( http://www.jefffinlin.com/ ) and Eric Straumanis ( https://www.facebook.com/ericstraumanismusic/ ). Jeff sang, and the two of them played guitars--tight, smooth, sweet, natural duets of harmony and joy. 

I put the Gear 360 camera on the brick walkway close to the musicians. Have a look around at the happy audience sitting on the grass and in lawn chairs. If you have a VR Gear headset, strap it on and join us in the scene!
Abagail Bergnaum II
I really like the type of the song,it is pleasure to hear
Juanita Schaefer
It looks like a mini concert,and people are leisurely
Delphia O'Kon
Delphia O'Kon6 mons ago
I like their voice,which sounds kelter
Dr. Lina Walker
Dr. Lina Walker6 mons ago
I like this kind of life, sit on the grass and listen to music
Keaton Leffler
Keaton Leffler6 mons ago
Good band! Maybe hold the device higher would be better