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In case you thought racist statues were only a Southern thing, THINK AGAIN! 

J. Marion Sims was a doctor (a gynecologist) in the 1800s. He purchased black women slaves and used them as guinea pigs for his untested surgical experiments. He repeatedly performed genital surgery on black women WITHOUT ANESTHESIA! For this he is revered as the 'Father of Gynecology'.

This 360º video is from Saturday's (8/19) protest organized by Seshat Meri, Jewel Cadet, Jamilah Felix and Ali Anderson. 

For more information, see the event's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/905830416231989/

sahar ashkenazi7 mons ago
Selmer Hartmann7 mons ago
I didn't think you had so many ideas, maybe my own thoughts were too shallow.
Daniela Tocan7 mons ago
@MoDaFo360º Was the time the Professor in the morning salute and shout out "Heil Hitler" when my husband appears because he is German. See what makes you crazy and keep you to protest action in USA you see just from yours non medical Vision. See all this sexy clip here you do not care because its usual somehow. In Taiwan by law its pure prostitution. Just for example. and my carnival in Cologne video is an absolute overdose in a lot of asian areas. Try to look twice through yours lense.
MoDaFo360º7 mons ago
@Daniela Tocan, It is horrible to think that things like this ever occurred never-the-less still occurs.
Daniela Tocan7 mons ago
Do not worry, such operations without anaesthesia are usual in Brasil too today. There exist operations at open abdomen. No rasimn anywhere only no money for the medication. And the principle that women can take better pain than men. Next month Veer have the Madness month. i did make a short preview for the horror the people are looking for in our month. We let prove for the moment the material from Kabul where a USA bomb for "mistake" pushed the German hospital away. Or the nice UN action during Iraque war. Professor Gottstein (Peace Nobel Price) did write an article in my other blog about some unlucky action after the war. The question is: Who realy cares? Makes it sense to publish such to an autitorium that looks for snow parties, roller fun and other boulevard attractions.
Isaias Rau7 mons ago
I think that racism is far from my life, but sometimes I see some movies and books, and I feel it is a very terrible thing.
AHMET İL7 mons ago
I have read many similar books, and I know how horrible racial prejudice is.
solenn chaffard7 mons ago
Racial prejudice is a global problem, and we should all pay attention to it.