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"Where did Abel go for the past year?"

Ever wonder how the Fat-Burning Man Show is made? Come hang out inside my studio in 360 Video with 3D audio!

Don't forget to look around the room in all directions for Easter Eggs...

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

For the first time, I turned on the 360 camera to film the intro to Fat-Burning Man.

I'll give you an update from behind the scenes explaining why I've been missing from the internet for the past year or so.

Even better, the Red Power Ranger from Nickelodeon joins me in this upcoming episode! For real... Full episode coming soon (along with 6+ more new episodes of the show).

Anyway, this is how the Fat-Burning Man show comes together, sometimes against all odds.

Take a visit the Fat-Burning Man Show studio in 360 degrees, and be sure to look around the room for a few Easter eggs.

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