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With the new Ischgl Skyfly daredevils get to glide on a steel cable, 50 metres above the ground, and head down the valley towards Ischgl.

On the 2 kilometre route breath-taking speeds of up to 84 km/hour are reached. Two parallel cable tracks take you from the Sivrettabahn A1 intermediate station (1683 m) via two intermediate stations to the roof terrace of the valley station for the 3-S Pardatschgrat A2 (1376m). This means that 2 people can ‘fly’ down into the valley next to one another. On the second spectacular route of the new attraction you even fly beneath the Kitzloch suspension bridge and through the Fimbabahn. Adrenaline and fun are guaranteed.

The new attraction operates in Ischgl in both summer and winter.
The scenery is so beautiful that I really feel lucky to see such a scenery.
vem com a ni10 mons ago
Haha, it's a really exciting activity, cool. Thank you so much for sharing.
Ashleigh Sercu10 mons ago
I can't feel my legs anymore. I can't imagine what it would be like to experience it myself.