Imagine trying to live a normal life when your thoughts become the loudest, most controlling and most demeaning voices in the room.

Over 70 million people are estimated to be living with an eating disorder, and that number continues to grow. They have one of the highest mortality rates of any psychiatric illness, driven by poor nutrition and associated health outcomes and exponentially higher rates of suicide. Like many mental illnesses, eating disorders are misunderstood and grossly underestimated. This is not a lifestyle choice. Unfortunately, a lack of empathy and understanding has stigmatised eating disorders. Greater understanding can improve prevention and early identification, and could also encourage sufferers to seek help earlier and more often. We don’t speak about eating disorders so we let the disorder speak for itself. Focusing on the power of audio, Iridescent places the user in the position of someone with a lived experience, hearing their thought processes, experiencing their anxiety, with the goal that understanding breeds empathy, and in turn, more support for those in need. Iridescent is the first of its kind to use virtual reality to specifically address the mental struggle of eating disorders. Iridescent explains what can't be put into words.
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