This is the first half of a two-part interview with New York-based artist, Dove Bradshaw.  I very first interviewed Dove in 2012, right at the beginning of the StudioCrasher project, and I've interviewed her several times since.  In 2015, I spent a few days with Dove in her studio while she created one of her 'Contingency' paintings.  The process involved coating a canvas in silver, randomly throwing on its surface wooden sticks, and tracing their placement with a chemical that would mark the silver.  

In this interview, Dove talks about the work, now two-and-a-half years later, which has changed colour and shows the marks of the snow that landed on its surface when it was created in the cold of February 2015.  We talk in more depth here about the place of random elements in Dove's work, which marks the influence of her friend and mentor, John Cage.  

Assoc Prof Kit Messham-Muir
Curtin University, Perth, Australia
That sounds interesting, I admire the artists, they are always creative
It's cool, I wish I could see the painting she made