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I experimented with the use of a fishing line to suspend my Insta360 ONE camera from my 3DR drone. The Insta360 ONE has some new stabilisation features which help to correct any unwanted camera movement. This video shows that the new features work quite well because the camera was spinning quite a lot during the flight although you can notice some phasing on the edited video. I plan to use a different material on the next test to try to stop the spinning. The real downside was the video processing in the Insta Studio software which, without hardware rendering took over two hours to process a three minute video. When I edited the video, I added some birds sounds to avoid the sound of the drone in flight.
David Wortley9 mons ago
@Mae Schuppe - Hi - I wasn't trying to focus on anything - it was just an experiment with different ways of attaching a 360 camera under the drone - I think I have found the best solution as being a selfie stick attached under the drone
Mae Schuppe9 mons ago
I don't understand what you're focusing on.
I'm looking forward to your video when I see you seriously debugging your instrument just to get better video.
AeroFotografie9 mons ago
nice try, but actually it does not work ...